Calling for Corporate Counsel to Respond to a Simple Questionnaire

ABLI is examining a project to simplify the contract negotiation, execution and performance process in Asia. The ultimate aim is to reduce transactional costs and legal risks in doing business in the region.

We are investigating the utility of producing two documents—a guide to contracting in the Asian jurisdictions, and a set of balanced standard contractual terms and conditions that would be recognised and effectual in the majority of those jurisdictions. Parties could either nominate those terms and conditions in their contracts, or use them as a bank of useful and safe clauses for incorporation into their own terms and conditions.

As a first step, we would value the input of corporate counsel based, or doing business, in the Asian Pacific in answering a simple questionnaire here to help determine the utility of the project and to capture any suggestions you might have.

The questionnaire will take approximately three to five minutes to complete. We also welcome wide dissemination of this questionnaire.

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