ABLI undertakes projects to provide practical guidance on business laws in Asia, as well as promoting the convergence of those laws.

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Asian Principles for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

The Asian Principles for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments is evidence that convergence can be achieved in the field of judgments recognition and enforcement in Asia, a region with great and still untapped potential for trade and investment.

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Convergence of Laws and Frameworks for Cross-border Personal Data Transfers in Asia

By providing a landscape mapping of current and upcoming data protection laws and regulations in the Asia Pacific and offering recommendations to promote further convergence in specific areas of data protection, ABLI contributes to the responsible development of the digital economy.

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Asian Principles of Business Restructuring

An interdisciplinary subject, corporate restructuring is taking on an increasingly important role amid business and economic transformation. ABLI and the International Insolvency Institute work together to produce the Asian standard in dealing with business reorganizations.

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Contract Laws in Asia

ABLI works to produce a set of standard contract terms that allocate risks in a relatively balanced manner and can be valid in a majority of Asian jurisdictions so that these terms can be common baselines for contract negotiations to improve time efficiency and generate cost savings.

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Cryptoassets and Law in Asia

ABLI and the Singapore Academy of Law examines cryptoassets from the perspectives of 15 legal issues ranging from property law, to banking and prudential regulation and to civil procedure and remedies. The project covers ten jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific.

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