ABLI to undertake project examining fifteen legal issues of cryptoassets

Cryptocurrency has been all the rage for some time now. It is said to be reaching a liminal moment, marked by massive uptake coupled with a fast evolving regulatory discourse on fundamental questions: Is cryptocurrency a property? Or a commodity? What redress does a party have if its cryptocurrency is stolen? How does one even identify the perpetrator as holdings of cryptocurrency are anonymous?

It takes several cool heads to see through the hype. ABLI is delighted to share a short compilation of “fifteen legal issues for cryptocurrency“, ranging from monetary, to property, to civil, criminal and crossborder.

Cryptocurrency is where we started as evidenced by the February date of the file. However, our ambition has taken us farther ahead and we now intend to look at cryptoassets as a whole broadly from the perspectives of the issues identified and aim to produce guides that are both well-sourced yet practicable, bearing in mind that the law tends to only play catch-up with technology and emerging use cases.

Consistent with our mission, ABLI aims to cover multiple key civil and common jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific in this initiative.

Dr Jason Grant Allen will be leading the charge of this effort. Dr Allen will be supported by Ankur Gupta who will be the associate researcher for the project. They have commenced this work by attempting to unpack the most fundamental legal issue of all, that is whether and to what extent are cryptoassets property.

We welcome any suggestions or comments on this initiative and in this area broadly. Please email the Secretariat at [email protected] or follow us on LinkedIn.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


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