ABLI mentioned in Reply at the Opening of the Legal Year (Singapore)

Finally, I should also mention that we have actively advanced the cause of legal convergence through, amongst other things, the establishment of the Asian Business Law Institute (“ABLI”). The ABLI has since produced some commendable work, which will undoubtedly benefit the legal community in the region and beyond.

On Monday, 7 January 2019, the Supreme Court of Singapore held its Opening of the Legal Year ceremony. The ceremony marks the start of the year for the legal profession in Singapore and generally occurs on the first Monday in January, following the end-of-the-year court vacation.

After hearing addresses by the Attorney-General of Singapore, Mr Lucien Wong; and the President of the Law Society of Singapore, Gregory Vijayendran, the Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon gave a Reply.

Among other things, the Chief Justice discussed the efforts of the Supreme Court of Singapore on the international front. He referred to the 2018 ASEAN Law Conference (for which ABLI was the sole knowledge partner) and the Memorandum of Guidance between the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China and the Supreme Court of Singapore on Recognition and Enforcement of Money Judgments in Commercial Cases signed on 31 August 2018. Lastly, he mentioned the establishment of ABLI and its “commendable work” in advancing the cause of legal convergence.

A copy of the Chief Justice’s Reply is available at the Supreme Court of Singapore’s website.

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