[Press Release] New Collaboration to Drive Understanding of Data Privacy Protection and Practices

On August 25, 2021, ABLI, a subsidiary of the Singapore Academy of Law, announced that it would collaborate with the Future of Privacy Forum (“FPF”) to help policymakers and the public improve data privacy practices in support of emerging technologies. With a focus on Asia, it is envisioned that this collaboration will result in research, publications, and consultations. The collaboration agreement signed between ABLI and FPF will build on the substantial work already done by the two think tanks in this area.

In the first project under this collaboration, ABLI and FPF Asia will release a publication that discusses requirements for “consent” in Asia-Pacific data privacy in the coming months. The publication is expected to provide a comparative analysis on consent-related issues across Asia, with concrete recommendations to improve the situation in the region.

Further details of this collaboration can be found in the press release.

ABLI looks forward to working with FPF to advance our shared vision for data governance in the region.


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