Journal of Private International Law publishes book review on ABLI’s Foreign Judgments publications

A book review has been published in the latest issue (Volume 18, 2022 – Issue 3) of the Journal of Private International Law that includes two of ABLI’s judgments publications: Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Asia (Judgements Compendium) and Asian Principles for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments (Asian Principles).

The book review is authored by Dr. Chukwuma Samuel Adesina Okoli. It also discusses Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters edited by Justice Anselmo Reyes.

After providing a summary of the three publications, the review specifically looks at seven out of the 13 principles suggested in the Asian Principles, such as the principles on finality, reciprocity, enforcement of non-monetary judgments, public policy, etc., with references made to the other two books where relevant.

The full text of the book review is available here.

The Judgments Compendium comprises 15 concise reports written by legal scholars and practitioners from all ten ASEAN member states, plus Australia, China India, Japan and South Korea, identifying their existing recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment rules. The Asian Principles then distils the commonalities and differences of the law on foreign judgments recognition and enforcement in those 15 countries for readers into 13 overarching principles that underpin the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in the region.

In essence, the Judgments Compendium is a vertical country-by-country analysis whereas the Asian Principles is a comparative and horizontal principle-by-principle analysis where each country’s position under a principle is analysed in relation to those of the other 14 countries.

More about ABLI’s judgments publications can be found here.

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