Asian Privacy scholars convene in Hong Kong

The Sixth Asian Privacy Scholars Network conference was held at the University of Hong Kong on 27 September.

Report by Laura Linkomies

Dr Clarisse Girot, Director of the Asian Business Law Institute, introduced the work of ABLI. It was created in Singapore in early 2016 to address key problems resulting from the divergence of Asian privacy laws and systems. “The organisation is a neutral forum for discussion, it has no political agenda, and is non-judgemental,” Girot said. The current project is studying international data transfers in 14 Asian jurisdictions.  “The projects aim at convergence. We have built a network of experts in these countries, and we support the network to make recommendations for consistency and convergence, and build synergies with national, regional and international initiatives. Each country is preparing a report which will study exemptions, legal bases, data localisation, legal frameworks, and data transfer mechanisms, as well as cooperation between privacy enforcement authorities. We will publish a report early next year.

The full article can be found here.

The latest issue of Privacy Laws and Business International Review (Issue 149, October 2017) can be found at:

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