ABLI-SAL Cryptoasset Series – Cryptoassets and Property Law (Singapore edition)

Asian Business Law Institute and Singapore Academy of Law

November 2022

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Tackling the question of all questions, i.e. whether cryptoassets are property in the eyes of the law, this 84-page report:

  • considers evolving definitions that impact dealing in various forms of cryptoassets;
  • delves into how the courts in Singapore are shaping the contours of case law in this largely unregulated space;
  • analyses gaps in judicial responses and the existing statutory framework for treating cryptoassets as property; and
  • puts forward options to better address those gaps.

With internal and external hyperlinks that direct readers to relevant resources at one-click, this report is easy to navigate and suitable for legal and non-legal professionals alike.

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Dr Jason Allen

Associate Professor of Law, Yong Pung How School of Law, Singapore Management University, Singapore; Partner, Stirling & Rose Digital Law, Australia

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