ABLI held 2021 Foreign Judgments Project online get-together

On June 10, ABLI held this year’s online get-together with contributors of our Foreign Judgments Project and other experts in this field whom we have become acquainted over the course of the Project.

The Secretariat kicked off the get-together by sharing relevant data, such as reader profile, relating to all publications released under the Project, including Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in AsiaAsian Principles for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and the “Where in Asia” mini-series.

Thereafter, attendees took turns to present key developments in judgments recognition and enforcement in their respective jurisdictions, including, among others:

Changing dynamics in China and the updated case list available here;

Two new cases in India;

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp (formerly known as Merck & Co, Inc) v Merck KGaA (formerly known as E Merck) [2021] SGCA 14, a Singapore Court of Appeal decision;

In-depth research done of the Philippines; and

Actual enforcement of the case of DBS Bank Ltd v Nguyen Huy Bao & Vu Thi Bich loan 2016) in Vietnam, which is discussed in some detail in the Asian Principles.

We thank our attendees (some of them are not captured in the screen shot below) for joining the session, which lasted an hour longer than scheduled!

We will be progressively providing more information on the developments shared during the get-together as we get hold of more details.


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