ABLI Project Process
Steps that guide the ABLI project to completion.

(1) Identify a project

The ABLI Board of Governors is responsible for identifying ABLI Projects and a prospective reporter. The Board acts either on its own initiative or on the basis of project ideas suggested or developed by the Advisory Board, regional groups, or other interested parties.

ABLI invites interested parties who are keen on topics relating to the convergence of Asian business laws to submit proposals for new projects.

(2) Approval by Board of Governors

Once a detailed preliminary project plan is submitted, it would either be revised under the ABLI Secretariat’s guidance and then submitted for  approval by the Board of Governors.

(3) Ascertain a Project Reporter

After getting the approval by the Board of Governors, an expert in the field of law, usually a legal academic, is designated as Project Reporter who is primarily responsible for conducting the ABLI project, and who proposes additional Reporters or other members to form a project team that will conduct the work.

ABLI will seek to enable fellowships and grants for the work of the legal academics.

(4) Produce a detailed project plan

The Project team conducts the work in accordance with a project plan, which should be developed by the Reporter. The Reporter consults the Advisory Board for comments and advice, while working on the progress of the project.

After taking into account all further suggestions by the Advisory Board, a revised draft, approved by the Advisory Board, will be presented to the Board of Governors.

(5) Publication of the project

With the approval from the Board of Governors, the project will be published as official text of the ABLI.

ABLI Secretariat will coordinate the project management and liaise with the Board of Governors, the Advisory Board and the Project team.

In order to ensure that the proposal covers all relevant issues, please refer to the Project proposal template.   

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