The State of the Australian Judicature

“A related development of regional significance has been the establishment, in January of this year, of an Asian Business Law Institute ("the Institute") based in Singapore to promote the convergence of commercial law and practice in the region.  Australia is a founding member of the Institute, along with China, India and Singapore.  The Institute is supported by the Singapore Academy of Law and chaired by the Chief Justice of Singapore, who is also the Chairman of the Academy.  Chief Justice Warren, Mr Kevin Lindgren and I are members of the Board of Governors.  There will also be three Australian members on an Advisory Committee of the Institute.  One of those is the President of the Law Council.  The first project of the Institute concerns the law and practice governing the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in the region.”


The above paragraph is from the State of the Judicature Address delivered by Chief Justice Robert French AC at the Law Council of Australia and Australian Bar Association in Hobart, Tasmania. Click here for the full transcript. 

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