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Who is ABLI?

The Asian Business Law Institute (or “ABLI”) is an Institute based in Singapore that initiates, conducts and facilitates research and produces authoritative texts with a view to providing practical guidance in the field of Asian legal development and promoting the convergence of Asian business laws.

I want to reproduce part of your website. Can I?

The material on this website has different copyright owners. For some of the material, ABLI is the copyright owner. For other material, ABLI is not the copyright owner but has permission from the copyright owner to reproduce the material on this website.

So before you reproduce any part of this website email us at info@abli.asia. That way, we can assess your request to reproduce any material in which ABLI owns the copyright or direct your request to the author of any material in which we do not own the copyright.

Your website uses third-party trademarks. Are you endorsed by those organisations? Do you endorse those organisations?


The trademarks used on this website refer to organisations with whom ABLI has various types of relationships. No endorsement is implied by ABLI's use of those trademarks on this website.

Do you provide legal advice?


The material published on this website may contain opinions as to legal matters. However, the material only provides a summary or general overview of such matters. The material on published on this website is not intended to be comprehensive. ABLI does attempt to ensure that the material on its website is current, but ABLI does not guarantee that the material is current.

Moreover, ABLI is a research institute. ABLI is not a law firm. ABLI is not licensed to provide legal advice or legal services and does not do so.

As such, the material on this website does not constitute legal advice and you cannot rely on it as providing such advice. You must seek your own legal advice, tailored to your specific circumstances, before acting or relying on any material published on this website.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do. Please see our Privacy Policy here.

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